Calibre on the
rear case.
1M20, 3M21
3M22 , 3M62
4F32 , 4F56
5D22 , 5D44
5J21 , 5J22
5M22 , 5M23
5M42 , 5M43
5M62 , 5M63
5M82 , 5M83
5M84 , 5M85
5Y range
7A28 , 7A38
7D46 , 7D48
7M12 , 7M22
7M42, 7M45
7N range
7T24, 7T27, 7T32, 7T34, 7T36, 7T42, 7T44, 7T59, 7T62, 7T84, 7T85, 7T92
8F32 , 8F35
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  Kinetic Repairs UK  

Seiko Independent Watch Repair Specialists

Welcome to our web pages (sorry no fancy graphics, just information)
We are a family business, highly experienced in the repair of Seiko watches since 1986

Kinetic Repairs UK, 8 Dudlow Green Road, Appleton Park, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 5DS
This is our home address for all callers, Post and Deliveries
Please ring before calling, as we may all be at the workshop.

Full Service of your Seiko Watch at a Fixed Price

Fast, Simple and Professional

Fully Guaranteed

Turn around is 6 to 12 days (average 8 days) with no hidden charges
We do not sell watches, so we will not say your watch is beyond repair when it isn’t.
If Seiko say they cannot repair your watch because it is obsolete, we should be able as we have vast stocks of spares.
We never swap your watch internal movement for someone else’s, like Seiko say they do.

Your Seiko watch will be serviced to the exacting standards required by Seiko, and returned in factory condition (where possible) with a comprehensive warranty. This is providing it is in a reasonable condition and not badly water damaged.
This will give your Seiko watch many more years of extremely high accurate timekeeping.

Click on the picture that is similar to your watch.
Or the Calibre number on the left of the screen.

The Calibre number is on the rear case of your watch (the first set of 4 digits, not the 6 digit serial number).

All Standard Kinetics
Full Service £87.00
2 Year Guarantee

Seiko Kinetic watches that have a power button at 2 o'clock.
Similar to this one.

Auto Relay
Full Service £97.00
2 Year Guarantee

Fixed Price Service £132.00

Premier Perpetual Calendar

And Direct Drive watches
Fixed Price Service £147.00

Seiko Quartz Watches (None Kinetic)

Seiko Chronograph
Fixed Price Service £156.00
Seiko Perpetual Calendar
10 Year Battery Type
Fixed Price Service £126.00
Seiko Perpetual Calendar
4 Year Battery Type
Fixed Price Service £76.00
Seiko Quartz (Normal)
Fixed Price Service £47.00

Sorry, we don't repair non-quartz watches by post (wind-up watches or automatic watches)
We can repair Pulsar and Lorus watches, the price is the same as a Seiko watch, as they use the same movement.


Watches For Sale

These items below are sold by our Sister company "Quality Batteries UK"
A full range of high quality watch batteries and some tools

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