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Seiko Independent Watch Repair Specialists

Kinetic Repairs UK, 8 Dudlow Green Road, Appleton Park, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 5DS
This address is for all post & callers as there is always someone there. (It is not the main workshop)

We have been repairing watches since 1985

Page Last Updated 25th August 2014

Sorry we only repair Seiko watches and we do not sell watches.
Also we do not repair wind up or Automatic watches now

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Have your Seiko Kinetic Watch Fully Serviced more info and upgraded from the inferior obsolete capacitor, to the very latest 20 year plus genuine Seiko "Upgrade Kit", that Seiko fit in their new Kinetic watches.

All Seiko Kinetic watches over 10 years old require this upgrade and MUST be cleaned. (Unlike what most other repairers and the ones on eBay offer, with no guarantee).

We are an independent watch service centre specialising in Seiko repairs, at considerably less cost than retail outlets.

We never swap the movement in your watch for someone else's like Seiko normally do.

If Seiko say they cannot repair your watch because it is obsolete, we should be able, as we have vast stocks of spares.

If the date window is not aligned with the adjusting Crown, it is because the locating pins have snapped off the dial. We do not charge any extra to re-secure the dial.

We can also repair the Oakley Time Bomb Watch , as it uses the Seiko Kinetic standard movement, the cost is the same but we are unable to supply a new glass.

Secure Posting

Turn around is 7 to 14 days
No hidden costs

Fixed Price
Seiko Kinetic Full Service and Upgrade
Fully Guaranteed

All these prices include the return by Royal Mail "Special Delivery"

Just click the picture for more information

Seiko Kinetic's watches that have a push button at 2 o'clock, similar to this one.
Including divers watches.
All Standard Kinetic's

Calibre on the rear case
1M20, 3M22, 3M62, 4F32, 4M21, 5M22, 5M23, 5M42, 5M43, 5M62, 5M63, 7M22, 7M42, 7M45.

Auto Relay

Calibre on the rear case
5J21, 5J22, 5J32.


Calibre on the rear case

Kinetic Premier
Perpetual Calendar

Calibre on the rear case
7D46, 7D48, 7D56.

Seiko Kinetic Sportura Chronograph 9T82

Fixed price Modification

Calibre on the rear case

Seiko Quartz Watches (None Kinetic)

Seiko Perpetual Calendar
126.00 (59.00)

Calibre on the rear case
4F56, 8F32, 8F33, 8F35, 8F56.

Seiko Chronograph

Calibre on the rear case
7A28, 7T32, 7T42, 7T59, 7T62, 7T85, 7T92
All the above prices include the return by Royal Mail "Special Delivery" or "International Signed For"
Sorry we don't repair none quartz watches by post (Wind up watches with a delicate balance wheel)
We can repair Pulsar and Lorus but the price is the same as a Seiko

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