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Seiko Kinetic Diagnostics

  • If your Seiko Kinetic stops soon after you have stopped wearing it (overnight) and it is over 9 years old, it will require a "Seiko Upgrade Kit" and a Full Service.
  • Technical
  • Seiko Kinetic watches are designed with a very special circuit that compensates for heavy loads, such as when the Day/Date is changing at midnight or if the watch is knocked as the seconds hand is moving.

    When a heavy load is encountered the watch switches to high power mode to keep it at the correct time, the power used jumps from 0.7 Micro Amps to over 8 Micro Amps, this is about twelve times the normal power.

    The problem is that the watch will eventually stay in this high power mode. This is caused by the gas escaping from the Capacitor over the years; this gas cannot escape out of the watch and condensates on the mechanism and contaminates the oils making the movement very stiff. The only solution is to clean the movement thoroughly.

    So it is no use just changing the cell without cleaning the movement as it is just a waste of money, it will not hold a charge for more than a few weeks.

  • To test the Capacitor
  • Wait until the watch has stopped, then shake it about 50 times. Now press the power indicator button, if the second hand moves more than 5 seconds the capacitor has lost all its capacitance. (If the capacitor was in reasonable condition it would take about 500 shakes to get more than a 5 second movement.)

    The power device (capacitor) that was used is now obsolete (they start to fail after about 8 years).

    We fit the new Seiko upgrade kit, containing a rechargeable Accumulator (Titanium Carbon Lithium Ion), which is fitted in Seiko's new Kinetic watches.

    This Seiko upgrade kit will provide power for months of inactivity as it is 30 times more powerful and should last at the very least 20 years.

  • Tips on looking after your Kinetic watch
  • The new Accumulator does not like to be below 40% of full charge, so make sure the charge indicator is above 10 seconds.
    So if you have more than one Kinetic, it may be a good idea the get a charger. Charging Machine for Kinetic Watches

    Also they do not like heat, they start to deteriorate quickly above 25 degrees.
    When your watch is on your wrist it is at about 23 Deg. but if you wear it in bed it can be at 37 Deg.
    Also don't keep it on a radiator shelf.

    Do not put your watch in your pocket, as we get many watches that have a metal bracelet badly damaged, this is usually because it has been in their pocket and has got bent backwards.

    If the fold over clasp is not very tight, DO NOT bend the centre catch part as it WILL snap off, you can usually bend the outer ones a little.

  • Replacement Accumulator
  • We have tested some of these Accumulators that are out of Seiko Kinetics that are now 10 years old and they are almost as good as new, so should last at least 20 years if kept cool and charged.

  • Cleaning the Movement
  • If you decide to clean it yourself or get a watch-repairer to do it, the movement must be stripped down and the coils removed so no cleaning fluid gets on them or they will be damaged.

    All the Seiko Kinetic watches that we service are soaked for 24 hours to soften the oils prior to being ultrasonically cleaned.

  • These new "Seiko Upgrade Kits" do not gas off, so this will not happen in the future once the movement has been cleaned.
  • Seiko Kinetic watches can be dated by the first number of the serial number on the rear case at the bottom (i.e. 7xxxxx = 1997 or 2007)

    Our charges are much less than the high street as there is no middleman. Also you will have your watch back between four and ten times quicker.