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Seiko Perpetual Calendar Watch

Repair and Full Service
Fixed Price 76.00

This Includes the Return by Fully Insured "Special Delivery" in about a week, and all Taxes
For Calibre Model (on the rear case). 6A32 on rear case.

This fixed price service and Repair is for a Seiko "Perpetual Calendar Watch", in a reasonable condition and not badly water damaged.

  • Ultrasonic clean all the parts to remove the dirt, old oils and greases.
  • Inspect and replace any movement worn or broken parts (no extra charge) with genuine Seiko parts.
  • Re-assemble the movement, oil and grease all the parts.
  • Fit a new good quality battery.
  • Check the timing on our timing machine, to ensure it is within specification and test the power used.
  • Replace the seals as required and test to ensure it is water-resistant.
  • Ultrasonically clean your watch bracelet to get the dirt and grit out of it, (that's wearing it away).
  • Twelve months guarantee.
  • Return your watch in 6 to 12 days (average 8 days) with no hidden charges by Royal Mail Insured "Special Delivery" to any address.


We prefer a Cheque with your watch, made payable to "Kinetic Repairs UK". Or click the orange buttons to pay by Card or PayPal.

Please check the watch glass for scratches.

Upgrade:- None Seiko Sapphire Crystal (Round & Flat)       Information on a Sapphire Crystal


Please only use Royal Mail "Special Delivery" in the UK, you are then insured for 500. Secure Posting and Worldwide Post
Just send your watch; you do not have to pre-book.
If we are unable to repair your watch we will return it; refund your payment and your postage.
We prefer a cheque if possible, made payable to Kinetic Repairs UK . If not click the orange boxes.
Unsure about posting your Seiko, or would just like to speak to someone before posting it. Contact us

Please thoroughly inspect your watch, glass and bracelet for damage before sending.
Do not send your presentation box,
as we have our own packing and no packing will be returned.
Wrap your watch in bubble wrap or paper and then put in a Jiffy type bag with your cheque and the form below.

Enter the amount in the boxes then there is no misunderstanding.
If using pen, please print clearly, email addresses are NOT case sensitive so please use capitals.
If you write a clear email address we will acknowledge receipt of your watch and inform you when it is being dispatched. We will never disclose your email address.
This is a dispatch form to be sent with the watch. Or put your details on a piece of paper.
If using pen, please print clearly, email address are NOT case sensitive so please use capitals
Full Service 76.00
New Seiko Glass 15.00
New Sapphire Crystal 25.00

Total Cost & Payment Method

Watch Calibre / Serial No.
(e.g. 6A32-XXXX / 1234567)

(To be signed for) Address
Post Code

(A contact number)
Home Phone No.
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To eliminate any postal errors, please attach this address to the parcel

Kinetic Repairs UK
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