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Seiko Independent Watch Repair Specialists since 2000
We do not sell watches
So will not say your watch is beyond repair when it is not

Full Service, Repair and Pressure test, for the FIXED price shown
Click on the picture that has your watch calibre number under it, or on this
The Calibre is on the back of the watch, the first four characters of the set of eight, not the six digit serial number
If your watch is very badly damaged or we cannot get a part for it, we will return it with a full refund
Seiko Kinetic

Seiko Kinetic
Full Service £87.00

1M20, 3M22, 3M23, 3M62, 4M21, 5M22, 5M23, 5M42, 5M43, 5M54, 5M62, 5M63, 5M82, 5M83, 5M84, 7M22, 7M42, 7M45.

Auto Relay & GMT
Full Service £97.00

5J21, 5J22, 5J32.
5M65, 5M85.


Full Service £117.00


Premier Perpetual
& Direct Drive

Full Service £147.00

5D22, 5D44, 5D88 7D46, 7D48, 7D56.

Seiko Quartz

Quartz Chronograph
Full Service £156.00

4T57, 6T63, 7A28, 7A38, 7T24, 7T27, 7T32, 7T34, 7T36, 7T42, 7T44, 7T59, 7T62, 7T84, 7T85, 7T86, 7T92, 8M25, V657.

Perpetual Calendar
Full Service £126.00

10 Year Battery Type

4F32, 4F56, 8F32, 8F33, 8F35, 8F56.

Perpetual Calendar
Full Service £76.00


Quartz (Normal)
Full Service £47.00

Too many to list

Sorry, we don't repair mechanical wind-up watches or automatic watches any longer.
We can repair Pulsar and Lorus watches, the price is the same as a Seiko watch, as they use the same movement.


An Extra Payment

Kinetic Repairs UK, 8 Dudlow Green Road, Appleton Park, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 5DS
This is our Home and Office address, for all Post and Callers (it is not the main workshop)