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We are a small friendly family run business, only servicing and repairing Seiko watches.

We have been servicing watches for over 60 years.
Since 2000 we no longer service other brands of watches.
We now only service Seiko watches as they are extremely well made and are very reliable.
Therefore we are confident in giving a full guarantee.
After a full service they will continue with their usual extreme accuracy for many, many years.

We service about 1000 Kinetic watches per year now, mainly by post and have never lost a watch.
All our prices are FIXED and include all taxes; we will not come back to you saying your watch requires this and that.
We do not swap your movement for someone else's, like Seiko say they generally do.
We do not sell watches, so we won't tell you that your cherished watch is beyond repair when it is not. Also we have vast stocks of spares.
We only use Seiko genuine parts and all work is done in our own workshop.
All Kinetic watches are fitted with the very latest cell, which Seiko fit in their new watches.
Our secure turnaround is 7 to 14 days (average 9 days) fully guaranteed with no hidden charges and by Royal Mail "Special Delivery".