Kinetic Repairs UK     
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Bracelet Repair
The Bracelets are now obsolete for the Seiko Auto-Relay watches 5J21, 5J22, 5J32.
We can repair the bracelet if one of the hidden pins has snapped.
We have to drill a new hole and fit a new pin and clean up so it is almost invisible. This link will not be flexible, but it is not a problem.
The cost is 20.00 and we will only do it while the watch is being serviced.

Crown (winding button and Stem)
If your watch has a "Screw down Crown" which has been physically damaged, we cannot replace it for free.
A new Crown costs us over 63 now as they are special; they have spring parts inside and cannot be repaired.
We will do it for 55.00 making a small loss.