Kinetic Repairs UK  
  Seiko Independent Watch Repair Specialists for the UK only

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 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which watch brands do you look after?
  • We only repair and service these watch brands - Seiko, Pulsar and Lorus. Specializing solely in these watches since 2000. (Also Tag Heuer since 2018).

  • Can you repair my watch?
  • Yes, if it has Kinetic on the dial or it is on our calibre list.
    We have vast amounts of spare parts, so we should be able.
    If we cannot repair your watch, we will return it and refund the full amount you have paid.

  • Do you replace the Capacitor?
  • Yes, we always replace it with a new Seiko replacement that is fitted in their new watches, we also replace the seals.

  • Will you take care of my watch?
  • Yes, each watch has its own plastic box, so will not get scratched and we are extremely careful with it.

  • How do I get my watch to you?
  • Only use Royal Mail “Special Delivery” you are then insured for £500. The cost is £7.40.
    We return it the same way and they have never damaged or lost a watch.
    If you take it to a high street store, they will send it somewhere by normal mail.
    Package it in a small box or a padded envelope and wrap your watch in something to protect it, this will also stop it ripping the envelope.
    Make sure that your name, address and postal code is on the outside of the package and on the correspondence inside.
    Do not send the presentation box, as we have our own standard packing.

  • How long will it take to repair my watch?
  • 7-14 working days (average 9 days) to complete a repair.

  • How much does it cost for a repair to my watch?
  • Just click on this link to list the calibre that we do, the FIXED price is on the web page and there's also a posting form.
    We don't do part jobs as the movement has to come out of the case and dirt gets disturbed.
    If the watch has been badly damaged physically or has been badly damaged by water Ingres, we might not be able to repair it.

  • How long does the guarantee last?
  • Your watch is fully guaranteed for 12 or 24 months.

  • Can I order parts for my watch?
  • Sorry we do not supply parts, only batteries and straps that are listed on our web page.

  • What does "water resistant" mean?
  • When the watch states "water resistant" it means it will withstand accidental splashes but is not suitable for immersion in water.

  • My watch is water resistant to 200 metres (20 BAR) what does that mean?
  • It was made to withstand pressure to 200M (20 BAR) when new, or just serviced.
    We always test it to the same pressure it was manufactured too, when we service it.
    Only 1000M (100 BAR) watches are suitable for scuba diving.

  • How can I charge my Kinetic watch?
  • Kinetic watches should be worn about 4 days a week on average, by a reasonably active person.
    It is no use shaking it; you will have to shake it for about 5 hours every day.
    Watch winders will not charge Kinetic watches.
    Our Sister company do a modified winder, that will charge Kinetic watches.

  • Can you repair my Automatic watch?
  • Sorry we no longer do them, as we don’t have many parts now and they are difficult to get.

  • What are your opening hours?
  • 08:00 to 18:00 except Sunday.
    Please ring before calling, as we may be at the workshop. 01925 594350

    Unable to find an answer, please send us an email.

    Kinetic Repairs UK, 8 Dudlow Green Road, Appleton Park, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 5DS