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Kinetic Watch Charger for charging any Seiko Kinetic watch

Standard watch winders will NOT charge a kinetic watch; however long you leave it winding.

Our Chargers were a standard watch winder, but we have modified the electronics and replaced the internal motor and gearbox with a high-quality, specially-built gearbox.

It will fully charge any Kinetic watch in about three hours and will not overcharge your Kinetic watch if you leave it on longer.

These Chargers are a must if you only wear your Kinetic watch for best, have more than one Kinetic watch, or are less active than you used to be.

The best way is to put it on the Charger for one hour every week, (say on a Sunday morning) which will stop the Cell detreating.

These chargers can also fully wind any Automatic watch brand in about half an hour.

They run off a USB socket (5 volts), so it is very safe.

If you wear your Kinetic watch most days, the rechargeable cell should last 20 years.

If you only wear it once a week, it will only last about five years due to not being fully charged.

Charging machine for Seiko Kinetic Watches


These are NOT Winders. They are NOW CHARGERS.

They are less than half the price of the Seiko YT02A charger, which is now obsolete.

2 Year guarantee
(Brown) Brand New Kinetic Watch Fast Charger: KR04. Includes Royal Mail tracked postage.

If abroad, please use eBay, as they automatically sort the customs and postage. eBay link

If you have an old faulty watch winder (most makes), you can repair it with the new motor and gearbox that we remove.
They are an all gear drive and are on eBay for £6.99. eBay link