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 Seiko Standard Kinetic Watch (None Chronograph)
(1M20, 3M21, 3M22, 3M23, 3M62, 4M21, 5M22, 5M23, 5M42, 5M43, 5M54, 5M62, 5M63, 5M82, 5M83, 5M84, 5M85, 7M22, 7M42, 7M45, YT57, YT58)

Full Repair and Service with a Two Year Guarantee
Fixed Price 117.00
Includes return by Insured "Special Delivery" and all Taxes

"Fixed Price", this makes it simple for you and us
Payments are at the bottom of this page

The turnaround time is usually within two weeks..

What our "Repair and Full Service" consists of   Information

Why choose us, to Service your Seiko Watch   FAQ

If you would like us to Service your much loved Seiko watch, then please continue.
You can pay after we have received your watch, but this will add at least four days.
These fixed prices are for a watch that the movement has not been badly damaged by water or incompetence.

Please thoroughly inspect your Watch, Glass and Bracelet for damage before posting.
Presentation boxes will NOT be returned, as we have our own packing. More Posting Information

If you have a printer, fill in this form with at least your name, address and post code, then print it.
If not, just put your name, address and price, on a piece of paper.
Please enclose with your watch.
   Full Service and Repair for a Standard Seiko Kinetic watch, with a Two Year Guarantee
117.00 Full Service and Repair:    Please Click the relevant yellow box below to pay.
132.00 Full Service and Repair including a Seiko Glass (15.00). Round and flat only.
142.00 Full Service and Repair including a Sapphire Crystal (25.00) (none Seiko). Round and flat only.
--    Watch Calibre (e.g. xxxx-xxxx) If you can see it on the rear case.
  Serial Number (6 digits)
Post Code
A contact telephone number
Email address.
If you would like to add a note, such as an odd fault with your watch.

Only extra work discussed with us and on this form will be carried out, requests by phone, emails or texts won't be.

Please only post by Royal Mail "Special Delivery".

These charges are the full payment and include all taxes and the return by "Special Delivery".
Payment Info.

Payment Buttons to pay with Card or PayPal.
Full Service and Repair with a 2 year guarantee.

As option one, including a new round and flat Seiko Glass (15.00).

As option one, including a (none Seiko) round and flat Sapphire Crystal (25.00). Sapphire Information

This is our office and home address for all postage, it is not the workshop.
To eliminate postal errors, please attach our address to the package

Kinetic Repairs UK
384 London Road