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 Seiko Solar Chronograph
Full Service and Repair with Twelve Months Guarantee

Fixed Price 166.00
Calibre Numbers V172, V174, V175, V176, V187.
Includes return by "Special Delivery" and all Taxes
Payment is made at the bottom of this page

What we do when we service your Seiko Solar Chronograph:
We will fully service your Seiko watch to the same standards as Seiko, with a comprehensive warranty (as above)
This will give your Seiko watch many more years of extremely high accurate timekeeping.

This fixed price is for a watch that the movement has not been damaged by water or incompetence.

Please thoroughly inspect your Watch, Glass and Bracelet before sending.
Presentation boxes will NOT be returned, as we have our own packing.
Posting Information

These charges are the full payment: Includes all taxes and return by "Special Delivery".

NOTE: - Only work detailed and enclosed with your watch will be carried out.
Requests by phone, emails or texts won't be.
Please put your name, address and price on a piece of paper.
Or if you have a printer fill in the form and print.
Please enclose with your watch.

Seiko Solar Chronograph. Full Service and Repair.
166.00 Full Service and Repair
181.00 Full Service and Repair with Seiko Glass (15.00)
191.00 Full Service and Repair with Round Sapphire Crystal (25.00) None Seiko.
231.00 Full Service and Repair with Seiko Sapphire Crystal (65.00)
Watch Calibre / Serial No. e.g. Vxxx  /  123456
/ If you can see it on the rear case.
Name, Address & Post Code

A contact telephone number

Email address. If using pen, please print in capitals as email addresses are not case sensitive.

We will inform you when your watch arrives and when it is being dispatched.

If you would like to add a note, such as an odd fault.

Only work on this form will be carried out, requests by phone, emails or texts won't be.

Please only post by Royal Mail "Special Delivery".
Kinetic Repairs UK, 384 London Road, Stretton, Warrington, Cheshire. WA4 5PW


These charges are the full payment and includes all taxes and return postage by Royal Mail "Special Delivery".

We prefer payment before we receive your watch.

Please click the relevant Yellow PAY box to pay.

Full Service and Repair.

Full Service & Repair with a New Seiko Glass (15.00). Payment Information

Full Service and Repair with a new Round Sapphire Crystal (None Seiko)(25.00).

Full Service and Repair with a new Round Seiko Sapphire Crystal (65.00).

To eliminate postal errors, please attach our address to the parcel

Kinetic Repairs UK
384 London Road